Linked by Davon Shire on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 21:51 UTC
Editorial Amazing is the recent interest in full, live, operating systems that can fit on a 50 MB CD-ROM. It's totally astounding that they can cram so much onto such a tiny disk. But wait.. let's run back to the days of old.. back to say 1988.
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Look to embedded environments
by BMC on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 23:16 UTC

I am all for a system that works with in a small foot print be it application or OS. It will come from OSS for embedded/mobile system. Even Windows CE is small when you consider its roots. What amazes me is that success doesn’t find its way back to desktop or server environment. If embedded system can get OS to access Internet do all thing we do, email, browse and chat. Why is it that I could just take it loading it on 500mhz machine with 128mb.
BEOS did great thing with media and much slower and less memory capable machines. But it likely that PalmOne will ever do anything at desktop level.
May be the solution can come from the compiler. A smart compiler with better IDE tool could encourage better reuse of the coding. Optimizing even the most bloat of repetitive processes.