Linked by Davon Shire on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 21:51 UTC
Editorial Amazing is the recent interest in full, live, operating systems that can fit on a 50 MB CD-ROM. It's totally astounding that they can cram so much onto such a tiny disk. But wait.. let's run back to the days of old.. back to say 1988.
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A couple things...
by Richard Campbell on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 23:42 UTC

One, more recently then 1998 Operating systems took very little disk space. The original NT4 took very little disk space, and also only used around 16-32 mb of ram. Lean indeed.

ReactOS ( ) is an attempt to write a windows compatible operating system. It currently consumes less than 50 MB of space when installed. Goals are to keep the system as lean as possible.

In order for the fat to be trimmed from linux, we need to replace X + ALL desktop environments...possibly with some type of kernel windowing architecture. While you may say that's bad, i don't necessarily agree. This is the 21st century folks. Find me someone (outside of a hardcore geek) that doesn't have a graphical desktop. Yeah, console linux has it's uses...that's why you keep things modular. We at 667Studios might be starting just such a project in the near future.

Disclaimer: I am a ROS developer (though i don't do much these days due to time constraints and code burnout)