Linked by Davon Shire on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 21:51 UTC
Editorial Amazing is the recent interest in full, live, operating systems that can fit on a 50 MB CD-ROM. It's totally astounding that they can cram so much onto such a tiny disk. But wait.. let's run back to the days of old.. back to say 1988.
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by Robert Townsand on Thu 24th Feb 2005 00:40 UTC

I don't have much to say as far as the code goes but I do know that as a user I was fare more satisfied with my computing experience on an old 486DX4 w/ Windows 3.1 and DOS 6.22.

I will have to nitpick - Windows was not an OS at that point - it was a SHELL. Just a purdy collection of icons to aid in computer newbies who didn't want to learn rhe nuts and bolts of a CLI.

In fact I will go as far as to say that this was the case (aside from the NT variant of Windows) until Windows 2000/XP. All other previous iterations of Windows STILL had DOS as the core component.

Meh. Ah well. As may be, I will never see why Microsoft decided to changee anything in the GUI with W95 - a Win3.1 box did everything I needed at the time and did it very well.