Linked by Davon Shire on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 21:51 UTC
Editorial Amazing is the recent interest in full, live, operating systems that can fit on a 50 MB CD-ROM. It's totally astounding that they can cram so much onto such a tiny disk. But wait.. let's run back to the days of old.. back to say 1988.
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unbloated Modern OS
by Pyrofer on Thu 24th Feb 2005 10:06 UTC

why not look at

This is an amiga based OS, its very bloat-free and its OSS.

So, its
1. not bloated.
2. Free, and open.
3. Modern and in current development
4. Runs on standard PC hardware no Apple or PPC expensive-ware
5. Amiga-like for those diehard amiga fans.

I think this proves the point, an OS can be small, powerfull, easy to use and still free. Now, why not support them by giving some money or programming time to the project? ;)