Linked by Matthew Trow on Thu 17th Feb 2005 22:22 UTC
Slackware, Slax I was quite excited about the release of Slackware 10.1, the same way I was excited about 10.0 and versions before that. As a self confessed 'Linux Desktop Dabbler', to date, I've found Slackware my favourite Linux flavour to Dabble with.
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Interesting review but...
by jiem on Fri 25th Feb 2005 16:30 UTC

It is funny to see how all the things in Slackware that the reviewer see as advantages for Slackware, the "fluff" and "bloat" removal is clearly for me a disadvantage. It must be because I got a powerful Athlon XP32000(not exactly a P4, but I am quite happy of it) and the so-called "Bloatware" expression is much more true in a Windows world. For me, I would call them more often nice features for a nice "desktop" experience.

Understand me. The stability of Linux and particularly of Slackware is not in cause. I still think Slackware is one of the most stable out there and is great for small to mid-size servers and for light desktop. But for someone like me, using Linux more than 80 % if the time. I need most of this "fluff and bloat" that "enhance" my desktop use of Linux. I like to be able to tweak a few things to my liking but I look for a distribution that already has some "improvements" over a plain Linux graphical desktop. My personal preference would go to Mandrake for both ease of use and powerful possibilities to upgrade (urpmi) with a second place to SuSE since they reopened their version.

For an older machine, I would use/recommend Slackware to any computer litterate but this is not the toy for newbies (even if it is still doable for everyone willing to overcome a steep learning curve). I used it in the past but I am quite happy with my existing desktop. I also used and loved Slax, the light Live-CD edition of Slackware (I hope to see an upgrade for it soon).

> I'm never truly comfortable with trying to upgrade and while I know it's very possible with Slackware, I wasn't feeling brave enough to attempt the Slackware 10.0 to 10.1 Upgrade HOWTO.

I do not understand this fear to upgrade in the Linux world (I guess it is a reminescence of the bad experiences they had in the Windows world). It is so common now. It used to be true for some Mandrake upgrades but mostly for major upgrades. I know someone who upgraded Mandrake 7 to 8 and then 9 with no problems or just minor corrections needed. And I upgraded also with no problem most of the time. Anyway, since I always keep my /home in a separate partition, I can always wipe out my oher Linux partitions and do a complete reinstall if the upgrade brings some other problems.

I do a complete reinstall about once a year or once every two or three years. It used to be a lot more when I was mostly using Windows (OK... it was in the old time of Windows 98 first edition(YURK!).