Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 27th Feb 2005 12:07 UTC
Internet & Networking Following my earlier article about creating a Bluetooth access point with your OS, here is my quick guide how to do just that with Arch Linux. You will need two Bluetooth-enabled devices to start with, and some patience as setting up Bluetooth is problematic on all OSes (each one with its own quirks).
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RE: Is bluetooth a good alternative to wifi ?
by Eugenia on Sun 27th Feb 2005 21:53 UTC

No, WiFi is better is terms of speed and software/ease of use and OS support.

However, Bluetooth has a few qualities that made the creation of this Access Point a necessity (I worked all night last night to make it work properly on my Fedora/Arch and then wrote the article at 3:30 AM, I went to sleep 5 AM). The qualities are:

1. If you have a PDA that only supports BT. Most Palm-based PDAs are BT-enabled, not WiFi-enabled.
2. If you want to share internet connection with someone else on a hotel room or in a library or on a coffee shop. If that someone else has a PDA or a BT dongle for his/her laptop, but not WiFi or other means to connect, you can help him/her to get some connection too.
3. If you have an old PC laptop and especially a Mac (especially older iBooks that were not upgradable to WiFi) that doesn't support any wireless in it, but it happened you got your hands to a BT dongle and you want to use that laptop as a wireless laptop.

Basically, BT-over-IP is good for the cases where there is no WiFi available or your client doesn't have WiFi or other connection means, and you want to share a single connection with him/her.