Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 24th Nov 2001 19:03 UTC, submitted by Michal Stencl
OSNews, Generic OSes Interactive Studio has published the QubeOS web site which serves as the developer's web site for Qube application developers. You can also download there the Windows, DOS, and Linux compatible Qube environment and the Windows Qube SDK. An interesting article found on QubeOS web site is about the Object Routing technology, a technology which Michal Stencl has been developing for Qube. OSNews featured an interview with Michal recently. Our Take: A port to FreeBSD would also be desirable.
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by iWindoze on Sun 25th Nov 2001 15:40 UTC

>>The first time i saw QubeOS it was under another name,
>>can't remember what it was called, but Michal's name
>>rang a bell. It was the equivilent of dosshell, with
>>a spiffy UI. That was only a year ago.

That would probably be SEAL 1.x, which has since been open
sourced and REWRITTEN by a group of guys to be SEAL 2.0..
(Not quite finished at this point but still quite beautiful!)
Can be found at:

AFAIK the only one doing any development on SEAL 1.x using
the earlier kernel is a Greek dude who calls himself "Bad
Sector" who releases something called "Bad Seal" which can
be found at:

>>has ANYONE written apps for this thing??

Bad Sector has been waiting for the SDK in order to be able to
port some of the apps from SEAL X.x over to QubeOS. In an earlier
post to the comments list he stated:

"Michal (again): do you want the help system to be ported to Qube? I'm still waiting for that SDK..."

He also said simuliar things at the "new" SEAL 2.x forums...
So we'll have to wait and see what makes it over. IMHO Seal
apps are well written and work fairly well at hardware recognization.