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Syllable, AtheOS Norwegian ex-Amiga coder Kurt Skauen started designing & writing AtheOS in 1996. Until late 1999, AtheOS (a name derived from the Greek Goddess Athena) used to be called AltOS. AtheOS has even seen complete rewrites along the years, and today is on version 0.3.7. Come with me and see what AtheOS has to offer today to you. All your questions answered and we also include five new screenshots.
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Just some additional pointers
by Wesley Parish on Mon 26th Nov 2001 10:34 UTC

About writing your own OS - it is easy to do a "pseudocode write" as it were, of an operating system, without having much idea of what the actual machine (CPU, memory, bus, disks, and other peripherals) behaves. I've done it myself. I have a book called "The Design of Operating Systems for Small Computer Systems" by Stephen H. Kaisler, which does precisely that.

To understand what the machine is actually doing, you have to read books like "Computer Architecture: A Quantitive Approach" by Hennesy and Patterson, "The Intel Microprocessors" by Brey, etc. It's a lot of hard work, but that's part of the fun. And all worth it in the end.