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Editorial With HP's high-flying CEO Carly Fiorina departing, the company's woes are well known. But how did a firm with such a storied history and vast assets get headed down the wrong path, and what do they need to do to set their course straight?
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All these companies...
by Avery Fay on Mon 7th Mar 2005 11:23 UTC

What a lot of people seem to forget is that most of these companies were dying long before the merger/new leadership/whatever were talking about took place.

Digital was dying before the merger with Compaq. Compaq didn't certainly didn't help the situation and probably made it worse, but the writing was already on the wall. Digital didn't know what to do with their tech. End of story.

HP was having a lot of problems before Carly. She made it worse for sure, but still, the company needed some change if they wanted to stay alive. Unfortunately, they needed someone other than Carly to do it.

This is the same situation that Sun is in now. It's pretty clear to most observers that Sun is dying a slow death. They desperately need to reinvent themselves if they want to stay alive. It's not impossible to do that. IBM has certainly done that, but it is hard, and I would say that they need new leadership.

BTW, none of these examples have anything to do with the actual tech. that the company has. In most cases, these companies had really great technology, but they couldn't get people to buy it. I'm not saying the only problem is marketing because the tech. market changed to. It's more of figuring out how to sell the current stuff or how to make stuff that will sell.