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Editorial With HP's high-flying CEO Carly Fiorina departing, the company's woes are well known. But how did a firm with such a storied history and vast assets get headed down the wrong path, and what do they need to do to set their course straight?
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Digital WAS bought by compaq directly!
by mario on Mon 7th Mar 2005 11:43 UTC

..not through an "indirect aquisition" as someone above mentioned. If you don't know the facts then be gracious and shut up.

Carly has degraded HP in every possible sense, including employee motivation. Throw innovation and research out of the window, throw quality out of the window, outsource the hell out of the company, including the CPU for their UNIX servers, completely dilute the HP brand, merge with Compaq in the misguided plan to focus on cheap commodity hardware (intel-based) and ended up moving less boxen than Dell alone!

In our company, HP is not synonymous of great quality, anymore.