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Editorial With HP's high-flying CEO Carly Fiorina departing, the company's woes are well known. But how did a firm with such a storied history and vast assets get headed down the wrong path, and what do they need to do to set their course straight?
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It's the quality...
by Anonymous on Mon 7th Mar 2005 13:37 UTC

As someone who was once a fan of HP, I'd say that where they really went wrong was in making every product that they sell into a steaming peice of crap. Just look at their calculators: the old ones were made out of metal, lasted for decades, and were the pride of every engineer that I've ever met. They were truly great. Now, the things look like the bastard children of TI calculators with the old iMacs. They're cheap, ugly, very slow, and not reliable at all (yes, I tried to use one for a few years, until it stopped responding to a half-dozen buttons).

Another example of their cheapness is in their printers. I'm still using my LJ6; it's still even on its first toner after nearly ten years. HP printers now are ugly, slow, and tend to break. I could never buy one of those things now. Maybe, if HP went back to producing quality products for a reasonable price, they would do better...