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Editorial With HP's high-flying CEO Carly Fiorina departing, the company's woes are well known. But how did a firm with such a storied history and vast assets get headed down the wrong path, and what do they need to do to set their course straight?
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CLosed partiton
by Typhoon121 on Mon 7th Mar 2005 14:41 UTC

Do not buy an HP or Compaq personal computer. They assume that you do not want a reinstall media so they make a closed partition. On some HP/Compaqs I have seen this take 5 gigs (Yes you read correctly 5 GIGS) of your hard drive. And the only way to get a physical install CD/DVD is to hope that your drive fails. I was redoing a friends hp that is about 2 years old and with only a 20 gig drive (he's not poor just cheap) and 5.12 gig was the windows and preloaded program partition. I could not delete it after trying to by using my xp cd and using the partition tool. HP tech support informed me that since his drive crashed they were allowed to mail a restore cd for $25 that would take a week to get to my house. And they also claim that the computer comes with a program to create a restore cd but when tech support tried to walk me through the process I could not burn the ISO go figure. MY recomendation is to NEVER buy an HP or Compaq Personal Computer and I see why they are not making money and person with half a technical brain does not want 5 precios gigs sucked up by a restore partition.