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Original OSNews Interviews Orange Crate has an interview with Jim Curtin, CEO of Win4Lin, a company that makes software that allows users to run Windows from within Linux. The company recently restructured, and they have big plans to "play a lead role in un-coupling applications from operating systems and hardware dependencies" and "make end user computing as cost-efficient, stable and secure as possible."
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Win4Lin fan here
by The MESMERIC on Fri 11th Mar 2005 07:21 UTC

but couldn't get Win4Lin Pro to work so far.
I bet soon it will run its 15-day trial period .. ah well.

Wish there was a review on the product so that I least I can see people's opinion and the screenshot in action.

As to GUI installers .. interfaces and ease-of-installation has never been Win4Lin strengths - a small price to pay for the excellent product that it is.

About other commercial emulators

I don't like working with Vmware .. but need it for Visual Studio; so that was vital purchase.

Crossover is OK for botch jobs (and emergencies), still the least stable of the lot (freezes specially) .. and why I can't have the "Save for the Web" functionality in Photoshop 6/7 is still beyond me.

All 3 have their particular strength and specific utility from time to time.

Win4Lin is my favourite though.

If Win4Lin Pro works exactly the same but with Windows XP loaded .. I definitely would purchase that.