Linked by David Adams on Wed 16th Mar 2005 17:51 UTC
Editorial A c|net editorial posits that Google may be well on its way to developing a complete suite of internet-based services that could act as a computing environment for any thin client that's capable of accessing it. And Microsoft may be planning a similar move.
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Re: Surprised?
by Jack on Wed 16th Mar 2005 18:22 UTC

Actually this is not such a bad idea. Thin clients would be ideal for developing countries, and Joanna six pack. Having a 3000 MHz computer for web surfing, web mail, and creating documents is alittle overkill.

Plus having all your user setting in a centralized location would make an average users life alot more pleasent. Just picture it now having your home directory on some web server and being able to power your home terminal off walking into work powering up and blam your home directory accesible from any computer at work/home/cofee shop.

The PC would still have a place, for instance programmers and student's who want a dedicated machine.

But anyways this all still speculation. It is some what conceivable if Google offered free clients with a year subscription, or something along those lines.