Linked by David Adams on Wed 16th Mar 2005 17:51 UTC
Editorial A c|net editorial posits that Google may be well on its way to developing a complete suite of internet-based services that could act as a computing environment for any thin client that's capable of accessing it. And Microsoft may be planning a similar move.
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Speaking of Thin Clients
by DoctorPepper on Wed 16th Mar 2005 18:47 UTC

Do any of the folks on this forum have any experience using Linux thin clients? I have been giving a lot of thought to replacing all of the computers at my house with a nice server (dual-proc, 2 GB RAM, one or two large hard drives) and just using thin clients to access them. I know this sounds somewhat far-fetched for a home user, but I've come to determine that I don't really need a separate PC for each of us (plus a couple dispersed around the house). I was thinking thin client mainly because of the small form-factor and the lower power usage (assume an LCD display on each one).

Linux (Debian and Slackware) is my favorite OS, and I find it fulfills all of my computing needs. I'm not into gaming, so wouldn't need an uber-fast desktop.