Linked by David Adams on Wed 16th Mar 2005 17:51 UTC
Editorial A c|net editorial posits that Google may be well on its way to developing a complete suite of internet-based services that could act as a computing environment for any thin client that's capable of accessing it. And Microsoft may be planning a similar move.
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Hell, I'd sign up! (maybe)
by Eric on Wed 16th Mar 2005 19:30 UTC

As long as my data is encrypted as it sits on their remote server (similar to my account), the connection is secure from a VPN, and the logon requires smart cards or finger prints or something, I'd love to toss out my room full of computers.

You could always have your thin client keep a database of the checksums of all your remote files to ensure that they haven't been tampered with in between sessions.

Just imagine only having to purchase a device similar to a Sun Ray thin client and a couple of monitors to plug into it. Just imagine the world-wide energy and material savings alone!

Just as long as the market has more than two or three choices of computers networks to subscribe to, people would be comfortable with it. I wouldn't trust my data to a huge monopoly, but I'd be comfortable as long as I had the freedom to switch from one provider to another if I had problems.

Just remember people, this computer stuff is still brand new. Who knows what will be happening 50, 100, or 200 years into the future.