Linked by David Adams on Wed 16th Mar 2005 17:51 UTC
Editorial A c|net editorial posits that Google may be well on its way to developing a complete suite of internet-based services that could act as a computing environment for any thin client that's capable of accessing it. And Microsoft may be planning a similar move.
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RE: Google the OS?
by garoo on Thu 17th Mar 2005 05:45 UTC

Will for SURE be Linux. I just can't see a company that has the motto of "Don't be evil" as doing anything proprietary or exclusive. How to commoditize the web? Kill the $$$ flow from the OS! Get people hooked on your interface, then roll out a nice distro of your own.

Hell, they could even use XPde and bring all those WinXP users!

I think the idea of massive storage for your email just gives them the opportunity to do a local disk version of google mail; sort of like Outlook can access Hotmail, except on steroids.

The reason I don't see my apps running across the web?

Bandwidth. As programs grow in size, it's the CONTENT that people want and pay for. Bittorrent. Emule. Napster. iTunes. Who wants to pay to load their damned thin client across broadband?

What's that you say? Why would you have to pay? Most broadband providers are starting to cap their services, with the increase in downloads and the switch to VOIP. Nobody wants to piggy-back other company services on their infrastructure! Google doing so would be just as bad.

Nope. No desktop-through-the-web interface. G-Linux. G-Nix. Ganux. Goonix. Whatever. It's gonna be big, it's gonna be powerful, and it's gonna be FREE (as in beer and as in speech!!!)

Now, if Google is smart, they'll get some HUGE game dev houses to port their stuff over to GL-accellerated playability... say 20 of the next biggest titles this year.... and voila. Windows is dead. Long live (x)Windows.

My 2 cents.