Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 16th Mar 2005 19:23 UTC, submitted by Diego Dompe
Mono Project Tne new Mono GUI Designer "Stetic" have "reached the milestone of being not 100% useless" according to its developer. Flash video available.
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Not RAD - yet
by snowflake on Thu 17th Mar 2005 06:35 UTC

I agree, it's not RAD, as some one said it's a GUI builder. I wish there was an open source cross platform RAD tool like VS.Net or better still Delphi, both of these can be considered RAD tools because they integrate code generation with GUI building. I also notice that stetic appears to use layout managers which seems to be all the rage among java and open source folk. I hope they will also add the facility for the kind of approach used in Vs.Net and Delphi (also realBasic I believe).