Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 16th Mar 2005 19:23 UTC, submitted by Diego Dompe
Mono Project Tne new Mono GUI Designer "Stetic" have "reached the milestone of being not 100% useless" according to its developer. Flash video available.
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The point of stetic
by Renato on Thu 17th Mar 2005 07:57 UTC

If you had read on stetic before posting "how's different from glade" messages you'd know it's a very alpha level program (written in a couple of weeks, i reckon), and already does most of the things glade does, plus it supports drag and drop editing.

Did you notice in the flash example when he drops buttons in the upper vbox? No manual vbox editing involved, it just works (as opposed to glade2). For an app that is in its pre-alpha stage it's not really that bad, is it?

As for the comment about having already designed the UI before placing the widgets... I honestly hope you do it whatever gui tool you use! Dropping widgets on an absolute positioning canvas is the quickest path to the horrid UIs VB programs have most of the time...