Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 16th Mar 2005 19:23 UTC, submitted by Diego Dompe
Mono Project Tne new Mono GUI Designer "Stetic" have "reached the milestone of being not 100% useless" according to its developer. Flash video available.
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Re: Stefan
by John Luke on Thu 17th Mar 2005 17:37 UTC

Regarding MonoDevelop its development was sort of stalled for a bit, but it is ramping up lately.

A 0.6 release will be coming soon that will fix most known code completion issues. In svn for post 0.6, we already have a completely managed dock and a rewritten solution and class pad. Also, the usual round of bug-fixing by volunteers.

I'm not sure what your complaint is about C# 2 features, but they will be done. It will just take a while, I am looking into it.

ASP.NET is not a priority for me, but others have expressed interest in adding support for it.