Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 21st Mar 2005 11:22 UTC
Linux 2003 was the year with Gentoo written all over it in the Linux universe. Last year was Ubuntu's & MEPIS'. I believe that Arch Linux's year is the current one. Read more for a comparison of Arch to existing distributions, and why we think it rocks and where we think it still requires some work.
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RE: bashing?
by Eugenia on Mon 21st Mar 2005 12:01 UTC

>but stop saying that ubuntu runs slow or something like that.

Ubuntu *is* slower than Arch. Or, at least it certainly feels so. I have both installed on the same machine, same drive, side by side.

The article was not meant to be bashing. I have used all these systems (and still use some of them). So, don't take it personally because your distro got a negative comment. I simply wrote my own personal experiences with these systems and where Arch fills in.

Besides, I even wrote my gripes with Arch as well. It's not that I claimed that it's perfect or anything. ;)