Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 21st Mar 2005 11:22 UTC
Linux 2003 was the year with Gentoo written all over it in the Linux universe. Last year was Ubuntu's & MEPIS'. I believe that Arch Linux's year is the current one. Read more for a comparison of Arch to existing distributions, and why we think it rocks and where we think it still requires some work.
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Year of Arch?
by benn on Mon 21st Mar 2005 15:46 UTC

I don't know if this is the year of Arch Linux, but I will say that it's my favorite. A great, simple package manager (pacman). A great way to build custom packages that can be installed with pacman (abs). Great speed through simplicity, which actually makes it easier/more transparent (IMO) than some of the distros that could be seen as similar (Debian, Slack). The only weakness is that it is still a bit young. But time wioll heal that.

Arch is such an elegant distro...I normally install it with the base ISO from FTP, and I get a complete system, right down to the WM and applications in about 45 minutes...all with the lastest packages, all fast as heck. But, yes, I am an Arch fan boy, so don't take it from me...install it yourself.