Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 21st Mar 2005 11:22 UTC
Linux 2003 was the year with Gentoo written all over it in the Linux universe. Last year was Ubuntu's & MEPIS'. I believe that Arch Linux's year is the current one. Read more for a comparison of Arch to existing distributions, and why we think it rocks and where we think it still requires some work.
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Not Distro of the Year
by Corey on Mon 21st Mar 2005 16:22 UTC

I've played with Gentoo and Arch but while those linuxes are good for small segments of the user base it does nothing to promote Linux where it matters. At home. Maybe a kid could figure it out if he was the type that liked things that were complicated and hated to configure his system via gui's but for everyone else that needs a Linux that requires minimal installation hassle and works as needed with a understandable package manager Arch could never cut it.

Linux dominates the server market in many segments yet were still questionably ahead or behind Mac's depending on which way the wind blows and the alignment of the planets. More home uers = more commercially available software = more compatible products.