Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 21st Mar 2005 11:22 UTC
Linux 2003 was the year with Gentoo written all over it in the Linux universe. Last year was Ubuntu's & MEPIS'. I believe that Arch Linux's year is the current one. Read more for a comparison of Arch to existing distributions, and why we think it rocks and where we think it still requires some work.
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by evil backstabber on Tue 22nd Mar 2005 10:57 UTC

Does it matter, which distro is faster? Does it really matter, how hard it is to configure? I bet you guys found your favourite distros/OSes already and there's no use in writing one review after another. Believe me, some people, including me, find Arch's philosophy really appealing. But that doesn't mean that everyone has to like it. One's man meat is another man's poison, as they say. Every distro has its cons and pros, moreover, it isn't said that gui configuration, hardware autodetection etc. must be a pro. I'm not gonna force anybody to use Arch, just because I think it's the best distro for me. And please don't post about things, which you don't anything about. To name few:
a) does 0.7 must necessarily mean beta? It's just a versioning scheme, it could be 39839483.5 without any problem,
b) who said it's a one man's distro? I admire Judd and all his work, but, honestly, it's the community, together with Judd and other devs, who create this piece of software - and they're doing it well enough to suit *their* needs - it's not about pleasing just everyone out there, there are enough distros providing user with something else. I agree there are too many distros out there doing just the same thing, but believe me, Arch finds its own place in all of this - and you guys want it to be just like other distros. What for, I ask?

I, and I believe a vast group of Arch regulars as well, don't think Arch needs any more publicity. You see what it causes - infamous flame wars. Let everyone use what they like, that's what free software is about, isn't it? Just leave Arch to people, who know how to get their way around it and enjoy it in everyday use.

As for article's author - I really feel like stabbing you sometimes, Eugenia :-) But that's probably because I'm plain evil ;-) Nevertheless, I'd nicely ask you to sssshhh (not to mistake for ssh) about Arch. I don't think this review made anyone any good, except from allowing people, like myself, to write some useless comments.

Cheers to all those great people out there, who serve us all of this great free software, including those bundling Arch together.