Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 23rd Mar 2005 23:18 UTC, submitted by adel
X11, Window Managers Seth Nickell posted some screenshots and videos showing the experimental Luminocity window manager & Cairo which enable a XOrg-based desktop to get accelerated GL eye candy graphics. update: more here.
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Re: @Brad
by benn on Thu 24th Mar 2005 00:33 UTC

I use XOrg's r200 3D drivers (not ATI's) and the effect is the same: xcompmgr just doesn't work correctly. It's incredibly slow and buggy. And it's being like that for over 8 months...

Hmmm...It's very snappy with all the bells and whistles turned on with my Nvidia 5600, p4 2.4...My complaint is that I can't get it to work in xinerama... Which caused me to abandon it.

I wouldn't think it would work well with ATI cards, though...period. The Linux support is nonexistent.