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X11, Window Managers Seth Nickell posted some screenshots and videos showing the experimental Luminocity window manager & Cairo which enable a XOrg-based desktop to get accelerated GL eye candy graphics. update: more here.
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by klynch on Thu 24th Mar 2005 05:11 UTC

Why are you being so harsh? Just because I am using Gentoo doesn't mean I want to be spending hours getting something that shouldn't take that long to work. It's not like the hardware is some obtuse piece of hardware that only 5 people in the world have.

Ok, so the goal of Gentoo is to have fun. Replace "Gentoo" with "Fedora" and will you have the same response? Drivers are drivers no matter what distro it is. I do have fun making my system run smoothly and to my liking, but taking that amount of time to install video drivers shouldn't be that difficult, especially when nVidia can prove how simple it should be.

And why exactly is it wrong to expect it to work? I paid them for their video card, so I expect it to work. I won't complain if they give closed drivers. I won't complain if features like TV-Out don't fully work. I just want the video card to do it's primary task.

If nVidia can make it happen, why can't ATI? All that I am saying is that I won't be supporting ATI because of their driver history.