Linked by Kris Shaffer on Thu 24th Mar 2005 19:07 UTC
Editorial Wishful thinking? Yes, but let's consider the possibilities. The last couple years have seen significant advances in hardware production and design. One of the more interesting (and potentially revolutionary) developments to take place this past year is the announcement of a new CPU, the STI (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) Cell processor.
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by mojo on Thu 24th Mar 2005 20:19 UTC

I don't know about the whole "dedicated Google OS" thing, since a souped up web browser can easily handle all those tasks, but I do have faith in the web application's future.

The best situation would be to have the applications served to you off Google or some other large company and have that application save data on your local HD/DVDRW. I wouldn't trust 1000GB of my data to a company that I deal with only online.

But what happens when/if your ISP goes down? I guess the solution to that would be to have a cached copy of your applications on your computer, and when the ISP goes bust, you can use the applications for a limited period of time, after which, when you get online again, the applications synch with it's provider and your cache is refreshed, ready for another ISP nosedive.

Just an idea that popped up in my head when I read (parts of) the article.