Linked by Kris Shaffer on Thu 24th Mar 2005 19:07 UTC
Editorial Wishful thinking? Yes, but let's consider the possibilities. The last couple years have seen significant advances in hardware production and design. One of the more interesting (and potentially revolutionary) developments to take place this past year is the announcement of a new CPU, the STI (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) Cell processor.
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google linux distro
by Joe on Thu 24th Mar 2005 20:50 UTC

What seems far more likely to me than a full internet based OS is a Google branded linux distribution featuring their popular windows software (desktop search, picasa) ported over to linux. The distro could be like Mepis in that it could run from the cd or be installed, and google could provide a personal online storage space that people could use to store files to be accessed from any computer. It seems to me that this internet OS concept can largely be carried out now with this method. The OS could be installed to any number of computers, with the personal files being mirrored locally and on the central google data storage area so that a change of a personal setting on one computer would carry over to all other computers. The only real issue is platform neutrality; how to get one CD to work on a PC or Mac or whatever else a user would encounter.