Linked by Kris Shaffer on Thu 24th Mar 2005 19:07 UTC
Editorial Wishful thinking? Yes, but let's consider the possibilities. The last couple years have seen significant advances in hardware production and design. One of the more interesting (and potentially revolutionary) developments to take place this past year is the announcement of a new CPU, the STI (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) Cell processor.
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How 'bout these?
by Mareq on Thu 24th Mar 2005 21:16 UTC

Oh, come on. How about speculating a new future-to-be Adobe operating system? Or Symantec? Or Mozilla? Heck, why not a Coca-Cola-Company-OS???? If the majority of those editors spent the time they waste on publishing this kind of pointless crap on doing something productive (a new OS, perhaps) then we'd be living in a much better cyberspace. But as long as this nagging continues, the only option I have is to read stories like this from OSNews which mostly belong to the Cosmopolitan domain.