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Editorial Wishful thinking? Yes, but let's consider the possibilities. The last couple years have seen significant advances in hardware production and design. One of the more interesting (and potentially revolutionary) developments to take place this past year is the announcement of a new CPU, the STI (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) Cell processor.
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That's irrelevant!!
by Hakime on Fri 25th Mar 2005 07:20 UTC

This article is meaningless, sorry to say that. This article only shows the lack of knowledge of the reader about computing science and technology. The author does not seem to understand what an operating system is, and what should be defined as an operating system. He seems to confuse web services and operating system.

Google is an exellent compagny for developing web services, and they should keep to do that. Building an operating system is a complex task, and moreover if we assume that Google wants to do such things, how many years they will need to build something comparable to MacOsX, Linux, or Longhorn. That's completely unreaslistic to think that Google can build an operating system from scratch. And its also very naive to think that Google can do anything if they want, again web services and building an operating system are two different stories.

Moreover, running an operating system on a server from where the user can boot as having no boot drive in the computer is not a new idea. Apple is doing it very well at the scale of small working groups (class room, working groups in a compagny) with their Netboot technology.

Sun has proposed with their SunRay plateform a similar approach. They wanted to apply to very large working groups, but the problem was that the performance dropped very fast if a computer in the network was using too much network bandwidth.

So the idea of booting his computer via a server located somewhere is not new. Its works great for small working groups, but for large purpose use that's simply not possible. There is too much limitations factors.
So i dont see wher Google can change the things and why. Most of the users prefer to have all their applications and data in their computer. There is no reel advantages to have applications running in the server.

And concerning the interpretation of the Cell processor by this author, that's simply funny, the author did not undersyand at all the architecture of this processor, and for what purpose it has been designed.