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X11, Window Managers Seth Nickell posted some screenshots and videos showing the experimental Luminocity window manager & Cairo which enable a XOrg-based desktop to get accelerated GL eye candy graphics. update: more here.
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Re: comper [adding to penguin's description of linux]
by Marc J. Driftmeyer on Fri 25th Mar 2005 10:08 UTC

You wrote:

Deep down inside, Linux is ugly like some fat geek's buttox. Grandma still isn't supposed to install her leenucks and get on AOL.

All of that said, by all means have some fun and share it with folks! It's useful, it can be stable, and it's just plain awesome. Why complain?

Nicely put.

Linux is ugly because geeks neither know, nor care about beauty (design, fashion, etc) except in the form of abstract "beautiful" maths or code and such.

You only have to look at how geeks and programmers are dressed to know that this people cannot possibly design anything pretty.

It would be nice if the Linux community had designers and illustrators that could help (it helps Mac and Windows -many designers use windows). Sadly, it doesn't with the exception of a handful.

(Yep, some geeks use Gimp et al and consider themselves "designers", some even land designing jobs. But of the *real* designers -i.e not people making some lame websites and pizza delivery pamplets, people that design book covers, cd covers, magazines, etc- I doubt even one used Linux as a work platform.

Clearly you never worked at NeXT nor Apple. Quite a large number of engineers are stylish in wardrobe and other areas of life outside of writing eloquent code. And that includes mechanical engineers, astrophysicists, electrical engineers, linguists, so on and so forth who all share high aesthetics for style on both sides of the Interface Paradigm.

Perhaps that is why we are all considered elitist snobs who worked at NeXT.

Being that I'm writing this on a PC running Debian Sid/KDE and upstairs is a laptop with OS X I can say that both OS's have room to improve and continue to progress.

When KDE releases a stringent UI Guideline document I look forward to seeing the improvements. With this it will push OS X to continue to improve as well.

Competition is great.