Linked by Kris Shaffer on Thu 24th Mar 2005 19:07 UTC
Editorial Wishful thinking? Yes, but let's consider the possibilities. The last couple years have seen significant advances in hardware production and design. One of the more interesting (and potentially revolutionary) developments to take place this past year is the announcement of a new CPU, the STI (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) Cell processor.
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by KaS_m on Fri 25th Mar 2005 20:11 UTC

As I said, my remarks are based on Sony's published patents and stated strategy. The only one waving hands is you - in a gesture dismissive of a lot of hard evidence. The fact that Sony has published a patent on a specific design strongly suggests that Cell will use this design, and all my technological speculation is therefore very well founded and not pointless at all. As for Cell's importance to Sony's strategy, this is something which Sony itself has explicitly stated.

If that's too abstract for you, maybe this will help:

Cell is a 4+ GHz Power chip, with 8 vector processors, in a small package, with ordinary power consumption. It will be manufactured in both smaller and larger configurations than that to scale to all sorts of Sony and Toshiba devices. I didn't make it up, Sony did.