Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 28th Mar 2005 08:39 UTC, submitted by J@F
SkyOS From Expert-Zone: "SkyOS Beta 8.4 has been released to the beta team today. Important changes inlcude GI3D, screensaver support, drastically improved Ati Radeon performance, improved networking, a (hopefully) fixed RealTek driver, and much, much more. Beta team members will know where to go."
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Don't see the point
by ecko on Mon 28th Mar 2005 15:36 UTC

It's been brought up before but I do not see the point of this OS. It brings absolutely nothing to the table. Academically it's useless and it's nearly functionally useless. Sure you can run a few apps on it but that's it. Really what do you get from this OS? The operating system's not new. These concepts have been around for almost 40 years. This guy also seems to borrow heavily from open source. I mean what he does is legally ok but he is exploiting the community. OSS is about making it so the community at large benefits from work. Taking work and locking it away in a proprietary product may be legal but it's sure as hell not going to get a positive response from me or anyone else who gives a damn. This guy just seems to be charging a fee so you get the privledge of watching his progress while he hacks away.