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SkyOS From Expert-Zone: "SkyOS Beta 8.4 has been released to the beta team today. Important changes inlcude GI3D, screensaver support, drastically improved Ati Radeon performance, improved networking, a (hopefully) fixed RealTek driver, and much, much more. Beta team members will know where to go."
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@ecko aka flamebait
by vaguely on Mon 28th Mar 2005 15:55 UTC

Oh, we have Gnu/Linux, what is the point of all the other operating systems floating around (such as Syllable, BeOS and its derivatives, Unix, OSX, Windows). Why not just have one *perfect* operating system.

Maybe the niche for this operating system is for users who just want a light system that runs a few apps. Sure you could do that with Gnu/Linux, but I would rather see a bit of competition.

Competition is always a good thing, but you seem to think because it has no accademic purpose or no real mainstream purpose there is no point having a niche player. Why bother having that niche car maker porsche when Ford builds Mustangs. Porsche will never sell as many cars as Ford, there is no point having them.
Not that I am saying SkyOS is the quality of Porsche, I'm just saying fringe players are a good thing.

But maybe this is just a secondary arguement to what is really pissing you off.
You dont like SkyOS because it is proprietry. Not only that but it uses F/OSS.
Oh no, whatever will we do.

Samba didnt seem to mind SkyOS using their software, but I am sure you have a problem with it.
Take your ideological bullshit to another thread. If you dont want proprietry OS's to use F/OSS dont make the source open. But that wouldnt work, now, would it?