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SkyOS From Expert-Zone: "SkyOS Beta 8.4 has been released to the beta team today. Important changes inlcude GI3D, screensaver support, drastically improved Ati Radeon performance, improved networking, a (hopefully) fixed RealTek driver, and much, much more. Beta team members will know where to go."
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Sky No Longer Relevant
by Mike on Mon 28th Mar 2005 16:04 UTC

I used to watch Sky daily for updates. I couldn't wait for this promising OS to be released to the public. When they started showing compositing effects and drop shadows, i couldn't believe robert could do it so fast.

That was before Xorg, and before Freedesktop really ramped up. And before Novell bough Ximian and SuSE. Before Beagle, Before Dashboard, Before Cairo, Before Glitz, Before Xgl.

SkyOS is no longer an interesting project to me. My focus is back on Liunx. I've been saying for a long time that Sky needs to make a public release before linux starts getting its act together.

Well linux has its act together and Sky is no longer interesting to me.

Sorry guys.