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SkyOS From Expert-Zone: "SkyOS Beta 8.4 has been released to the beta team today. Important changes inlcude GI3D, screensaver support, drastically improved Ati Radeon performance, improved networking, a (hopefully) fixed RealTek driver, and much, much more. Beta team members will know where to go."
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I Disagree
by Smartpatrol on Mon 28th Mar 2005 21:42 UTC

SkyOS fills a niche as long as it provides a better computing platform then whats currently out there. Who knows the end result may be a better or easier to develop for gaming platform(games being the only reason i have a windows Based computer) Its not Unix based, or a clone there of which i see as an advantage since most Unix like or Unix clones perform and behave just like Unix what fun is that? Its a relativly new operating system again a significant advantage consider most OS's nowadays have decades old code bases(Lots of old crud intertwined and people to lazy to go sift through it)... a lot has changed in the last 20 years compiler wise. My personal purchasing interest in Skyos won't materialize until A.) there is a final release and B.) there is a server version to play with.