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SkyOS In the next beta of SkyOS, users can look forward to seeing a completely re-designed Viewer. The new Viewer will take advantage of the powerful features of the SkyFS (derived from Haiku's BFS), including extremely fast searching and organizing of files, on-the-fly filtering of files and folders within the Viewer, fast insertion of meta-data into multiple files, and more. Update: Screenshots!
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by Nickos on Tue 29th Mar 2005 15:07 UTC

SkyOS has the right to be closed source & be a pay product. Lots of work is going into this making this OS. It only seems fair for them to charge something.

I understand the arguement about paying for a beta version (& getting the final SkyOS version for free - this is what their actually doing), but lets check out SkyOSes point of view (if they gave out free betas). You download the free beta, test out the OS, like it, but don't want to pay for the final version - so you continue to use the beta. They make no money & then further development has to stop or slow down & SkyOS disappears. (Other scenario is you dislike the OS and so having tested it out you save the $30 for it which is also valid).

I say, if you don't want to part with $30 for SkyOS (to test it out) then move onto another OS until you think it is worth paying for it. Yes, it would be great to have a live cd or an installed 90 day trial version to test it out, but the developers of SkyOS need to be compensated for the work put into the project (takes time & effort to code an OS).

We all have to make the choice ourselves. Some people will pay & use SkyOS and think it is the greatest OS out there. Others will not even bother with it (because of the $30 cost). Still others may try it out and think it is OK, but needs further improvement, etc. You are entitled to your opinion, but don't be bashing an OS because you think the developers have the wrong ideals, or you don't like it, because there are others who do like it & think it worth the $30. You only give a one sided (negative) view of it.