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SkyOS From Expert-Zone: "SkyOS Beta 8.4 has been released to the beta team today. Important changes inlcude GI3D, screensaver support, drastically improved Ati Radeon performance, improved networking, a (hopefully) fixed RealTek driver, and much, much more. Beta team members will know where to go."
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@kenny and Josh
by ecko on Tue 29th Mar 2005 17:57 UTC

What, exactly, do you think kids do on computers in school? Let's see... type papers, research, and... hmmm, type papers.

I wasn't talking about use in public schools, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear, I'm a computer science student. When I mean academic uses I mean to teach an operating systems class or some other form of computing. Apps are not part of the operating system there's nothing stopping someone from writing a fantastic word processor from SkyOS. There is however no way to learn from SkyOS. That was my main problem.

Two questions for those who whine about this effort

1 > For those who say 'What's the point' - If you are not interested in marginal OS efforts, why are you reading this site?
2 > Just what have you contributed recently to 'the open-source community' which you so fervently defend?

1) I'm interested in OS development in general. I don't have a problem with closed source development. When you have a phenominally revolutionary product it's understandable (notice I didn't say I preferred this). This is mediocre at best. This guy is arrogant to think he's got anything to hide in there. He's basically written yet another OS. For someone this smart he's not furthered the field one iota.

2) I work on embedded linux here at work, I've made a few small contributions to the linuxppc kernel tree. Nothing really notable but it is something.