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SkyOS In the next beta of SkyOS, users can look forward to seeing a completely re-designed Viewer. The new Viewer will take advantage of the powerful features of the SkyFS (derived from Haiku's BFS), including extremely fast searching and organizing of files, on-the-fly filtering of files and folders within the Viewer, fast insertion of meta-data into multiple files, and more. Update: Screenshots!
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Put it to rest.
by AdrianRyan on Tue 29th Mar 2005 19:00 UTC

You guys, really, why do you hate SkyOS for costing money? Know why they charge $30 to beta test? Because otherwise, there would be no betas. They needed the money to begin with, and believe me, I'm a highschool student without a job and so I have no money, yet if it were not for the fact that I have dialup I would totally buy the beta (or prebuy the final, which is a lame argument. It is closer to say that you buy the beta and as a perk for testing you get the final free). And what is wrong with not releasing the betas for free? Most videogame companies don't, or they do but only to select people who they know buy and use their games in a consistent manner, and who will give good input. Now, since SkyOS had no way of knowing all this, they decided to charge for the beta, to get only interested people. Robert doesn't want just anyone playing arround with the OS until it is to his complete liking. (Almost every argument given here he talks about on the site, by the way. Has no one read that?)

And furthermore, so what if the OS isn't going to knock MS of its perch? Neither is Linux or Apple or OpenSolaris or any other OS. The only way to even compete in the OS world is to have different marketing systems. Apple's is to make great hardware and force you to buy that with the OS so that it seems that it is faster than it is to people coming from a six year old Compaq. Linux is to be open source, so that you can get most programs for it for free, as well as many complete OS's for free. SkyOS is taking another approach, using free software on a closed kernel. What is wrong with that? It doesn't compete with Linux as much that way, and introduces a new, well-thought-out business strategy.

And one last thing that no one is mentioning. RedHat chargest $2,500 per a computer per a year. That is a lot of freaking money. So when you cite them as a good "Free" business model then say you won't pay $30 for an OS, I can say nothing but that you are biased and I don't want to hear stupid arguments.

And, as to the Viewer search and Filters, which I actually commented on yesterday before this news item came out, that is so awesome, and no one today is arguing that SkyOS has nothing new to offer today, unlike yesterday's thread.