Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 29th Mar 2005 05:28 UTC, submitted by Kelly Rush
SkyOS In the next beta of SkyOS, users can look forward to seeing a completely re-designed Viewer. The new Viewer will take advantage of the powerful features of the SkyFS (derived from Haiku's BFS), including extremely fast searching and organizing of files, on-the-fly filtering of files and folders within the Viewer, fast insertion of meta-data into multiple files, and more. Update: Screenshots!
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What I'd like skyos viewer to do
by J@F on Tue 29th Mar 2005 21:20 UTC

I'd like the skyos viewer to display information about a file when the mouse goes over it.(like what kde does+animate video and play sound) I'd like all the files to be editable/ viewable in the viewer (exp. view/edit .rtf files right in viewer with an abiword plugin) and to make it opera like in navigation (Exp. right+left click to go back, Tabs, middle click opens file in new tab middle click to close tab)) and the ability to group tabs. That's all I can think of now.