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Original OSNews Interviews Today we are very happy to feature a huge interview with most of the developer team of Arch Linux, including its founder, Judd Vinet. If you are curious about this young and promising Linux distribution, dig in for more!
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by xerxes2 on Tue 29th Mar 2005 21:48 UTC

"Sorry, but I still prefer CheckInstall. Checkinstall also does RPMs and DEBs as well as Slackware packages and it's *way easier* to use than ABS or EBUILDs. You just type "checkinstall" instead of "make install" and it will strip the binary, create the package (with dependencies when building RPM/DEB) and will install it for you. No reason to bongle your mind with filling deps manually and end up with multipe folders that ABS creates and complicates the matter. "

How often are you installing RPM/DEB on Arch? Otherwise you have to fill in dependencies somehow anyway.
Here is an example PKGBUILD:

# Contributor: dibblethewrecker
pkgdesc="rxvt-unicode is a clone of the well known terminal emulator rxvt, modified to store text in Unicode (either UCS-2 or UCS-4) and to use locale-correct input and output. It also supports mixing multiple fonts at the same time, including Xft fonts."

build() {
cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-$pkgver
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-everything
make || return 1
make prefix=$startdir/pkg/usr install

How can you call this difficult? You can continue trolling about checkinstall and whatnot but I don't think there are anyone that thinks that making Arch packages is difficult or timeconsuming.