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SkyOS In the next beta of SkyOS, users can look forward to seeing a completely re-designed Viewer. The new Viewer will take advantage of the powerful features of the SkyFS (derived from Haiku's BFS), including extremely fast searching and organizing of files, on-the-fly filtering of files and folders within the Viewer, fast insertion of meta-data into multiple files, and more. Update: Screenshots!
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by Lumbergh on Tue 29th Mar 2005 23:23 UTC

They don't. The other analysts say 6-8% --- try reading the post... Is 6-8% that hard to believe? Linux desktop usage doubled in the three years from 2000 to 2004, from about 1.5% to ~3%. Is it that hard to imagine this trend continuing.

It's hard to imagine anybody having any clue about what the real numbers for linux/bsd/solaris or any other downloadable OS on the desktop is.

As for "we've been hearing about 'this is the year of desktop linux' since 2000", that's bullshit. First, show me dated articles where anybody but a marketing department claimed that. Second, and more importantly, we're not talking about some magical "year of desktop Linux". We're talking about growth continuing at close to its present rate.

I wouldn't classify Slashdork as a marketing department. It was all over there in 2000. And every year we hear the same thing. You are right about one thing. It'll eventually take over Mac, but when you start throwing out 20% by 2008, then you start sounding like a fanboy (yeah, it was Siemens but you still posted it).

In any case, there are still major problems with Linux/BSD/Solaris whatever on the desktop. KDE's toolkit has a crappy license so it'll never take off, and Gnome has a crappy framework.