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Original OSNews Interviews Today we are very happy to feature a huge interview with most of the developer team of Arch Linux, including its founder, Judd Vinet. If you are curious about this young and promising Linux distribution, dig in for more!
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Arch good but
by Sard on Wed 30th Mar 2005 11:57 UTC

Arch was the last Distro I tried in my recent 2 month immersion in Linux. It installed perfectly on my Dell Laptop and is nice and fast, but after hours of fiddling I couldnít get the internet to work on my desktop.

Anyway, Sadly Iíve gone back to Windows 2000 having tried;

Vector Linux
Vida Linux
Debian Unstable
Damn Small Linux

There are some very nice features and applications in Linux, but fundamentally the desktop was never as responsive (especially screen redraw) as it is in Windows. Getting things done (once the applications were installed and everything was setup the way I wanted) was always that little bit more cumbersome, clunky, and time consuming than in Windows.

If for some reason I was forced to use Linux tomorrow I could easily live with Debian, but itís still far from being a Windows beater.

Iím sure curiosity will keep me coming back every now and then to see what progress is being made though.