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Original OSNews Interviews Today we are very happy to feature a huge interview with most of the developer team of Arch Linux, including its founder, Judd Vinet. If you are curious about this young and promising Linux distribution, dig in for more!
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RE: @ Anonymous (IP:
by ex-slacker on Thu 31st Mar 2005 10:09 UTC

" I personally think it isn't as easy as Slackware, but that doesn't stop them being similar."


What you talking about? Arch is definetly more simple than Slack:
1. rc.config (one config file to handle everything, kinda similar to FreeBSD)
2. pacman is much better and simpler than pkgtool (handles dependencies, keeps system up-to-date, removes unneeded packages WITH their dependencies and so on)
3. building packages is simpler: ABS

Now please tell me what's simpler in Slack?
Basically I don't know a better distro right now, it definetly ROCKS.