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Novell and Ximian One of the highlights of Joe Barr's trip to Salt lake City last month for BrainShare 2005 was the opportunity to interview Miguel de Icaza, a mercurial star of the free software movement who has been responsible for hugely successful projects and also founded his own company with Nat Friedman that was later acquired by Novell.
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Not the reality...
by tony on Fri 1st Apr 2005 14:12 UTC

"It was always the goal to use it as a way of migrating from Windows to Linux."

There are not a lot .net development now...
the migrations will not be done immediately

beagle was done with mono and?

kde has something similar but use c++

does gnome will entirely bet on mono?

everybody know, red hat don't seem to like mono... it's prefer java...

what enterprise market use? java

does enterprise will spend $$$ to migrate to .net?
do think so, they invested too much money

another tries of Michel to sell his mono to us... very pathetic

kde will not use mono, gnome will surely not use mono, red hat will not use mono...

mono is dedicated to the little programmer?