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Novell and Ximian One of the highlights of Joe Barr's trip to Salt lake City last month for BrainShare 2005 was the opportunity to interview Miguel de Icaza, a mercurial star of the free software movement who has been responsible for hugely successful projects and also founded his own company with Nat Friedman that was later acquired by Novell.
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by karl on Fri 1st Apr 2005 14:19 UTC

Don't you ever get tired of posting the same stuff ? More often than not you have been shown to not know what you are talking about. Yet you want everyone to believe that *you* know the *true* story about Novell/SuSE/KDE/Mono...It does get really old after a while-can't you find something more productive to do than troll and spread misinformation. Unfortunately by even responding to you I end up participating in the trolling....

I have no problems with you expressing your opinions about mono or about Novell-but the way you phrase things makes it sounds like you have some kind of insider knoweldge which noone else is privy to-and as has been repeeatedly shown -you have no insider knowledge, you do not know what is going on inside of Novell, at least anymore than anyone else who does not work there does.

You keep going on about 'Serious developments tools' or 'enterpise capability' and such stuff. I watched the video of Brainshare that was relased on the net. What I saw was anything but skepticism about mono. Miguel and Nat and the other young man, whose name I have forgotten, were presented on stage as the brightest young minds at Novell. The man who was doing the presenting was visibily proud of these young men and what they are doing.

The iFolder server is utterly useless without iFolder clients. The iFolder clients are written in mono. Saying that iFolder is 'not exlcusively a mono application' is utter nonsense. Mono is fundamental to iFolder-fundamental in the sense that each and every user who uses iFolder must use the mono-built iFolder client application. But then again why should I waste my time arguing about such childishness with you -you have been rebuffed time and again by employees of Novell who are actually doing the work.

enough said...

don't feed the trolls....