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Novell and Ximian One of the highlights of Joe Barr's trip to Salt lake City last month for BrainShare 2005 was the opportunity to interview Miguel de Icaza, a mercurial star of the free software movement who has been responsible for hugely successful projects and also founded his own company with Nat Friedman that was later acquired by Novell.
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Always Funny
by David on Fri 1st Apr 2005 14:50 UTC

The frustration of this guy is self-evident. I wouldn't mind being a fly-on-the-wall at Novell at the moment.

SUSE also does development but they mostly do development around the kernel, the libraries, X server, but not much in the way of new applications. The SUSE side of the house is pretty much a packaging thing.

Ooooo! Sorry Miguel, but Suse happens to be the Enterprise Linux Division of Novell. Novell is a server company first and foremost, that's where their income is and that's where all their development is happening. To label Suse as a packaging division is just out and out desperation - for whatever reason.

In all the stuff at Brainshare (and I saw a lot, especially along with the keynotes) I didn't get the impression in any way that Mono was somehow the development centre of Novell. Exactly the opposite, to be honest. All of the web application stuff they use is Java, and I got blank looks about developing with ASP.Net and Mono.

that people were telling her that they couldn't migrate to Linux because they've got all this dot net stuff

Very, very few people actually depend a great deal on .Net currently. The vast majority of people are looking at how they're going to migrate to MS .Net, or other avenues they might take. The notion that somehow they're going to spend all that time and effort porting to .Net, and then say "Hey, I'll move to Linux!", is just lunacy.

She said she tells them, "Well, Mono is being ported to NetWare, so you can."

That's wrong. Mono is not being ported to Netware because Netware now exists on top of Linux and Mono already runs on Linux. It would be fairly pointless if Mono were being ported to Netware itself, but nothing would surprise me here.

Like, for example, NetWare 7.1 just announced, on Monday, it includes Mono.

Which does what inside Netware, exactly? Besides, there's no such thing as Netware 7.1 - it was renamed Open Enterprise Server early last year. Netware is merely a component of it.

A photo management application, built with Mono. Our Beagle desktop search, built with Mono.

I'd hardly call a piece of photo album software and a front-end for a search tool new applications. From what I saw, there aren't any real applications to show. Where are the Mono applications that Novell actually depends on? The keynote shone no light on that whatsoever. Seriously, if that's all they've got to show then they should just shut it down.

Mono is a solution desperately looking for a problem, and Miguel and the Mono guys better find a use for it soon. It's open source, so it will never die, but Novell should just get shot of it because it just does nothing for them.