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Novell and Ximian One of the highlights of Joe Barr's trip to Salt lake City last month for BrainShare 2005 was the opportunity to interview Miguel de Icaza, a mercurial star of the free software movement who has been responsible for hugely successful projects and also founded his own company with Nat Friedman that was later acquired by Novell.
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Re: karl
by David on Fri 1st Apr 2005 15:28 UTC

Don't you ever get tired of posting the same stuff ?

I get tired of people defending the same stuff for years that obviously won't ever amount to anything. I get tired of hype and just total rubbish. I just wonder when it will sink in with some people, if ever.

Yet you want everyone to believe that *you* know the *true* story about Novell/SuSE/KDE/Mono...

You just have to look at what is going on, and what happened at Brainshare. Were you there? You can't wave everything away forever by claiming "Oh, you don't know what's going on". It's there.

Unfortunately by even responding to you I end up participating in the trolling....

Oh, I really appreciate you being the bigger man here - cough, cough, cough. Give me a break.

You keep going on about 'Serious developments tools' or 'enterpise capability' and such stuff. I watched the video of Brainshare that was relased on the net. What I saw was anything but skepticism about mono.

The keynote I saw, and everything that went on besides, demonstrated nothing of any use whatsoever. Yes - 'enterprise capability' and 'serious development tools'. They do actually matter you know, and are conspicuous by their absence.

Saying that iFolder is 'not exlcusively a mono application' is utter nonsense. Mono is fundamental to iFolder-fundamental in the sense that each and every user who uses iFolder must use the mono-built iFolder client application.

A client happens to be written in Mono because someone got a bee in their bonnet about WinFS and thought "Oooo!", but a client implementation of iFolder doesn't need Mono. Saying that iFolder is written in Mono (as Nat etc. and others have said) is totally wrong because iFolder has been around for quite a while and the server side is not written with it at all. They gave the impression it was something new when a client was written with Mono.

But then again why should I waste my time arguing about such childishness with you

I'm sorry you're frustrated, but this silliness that has been going on for such a long time has really got to stop. It only hurts alternatives to Microsoft, and Linux desktops themselves when people realise that something does nothing of what it says on the tin.

you have been rebuffed time and again by employees of Novell who are actually doing the work.

You wish. Where? Many employees at Novell rebuff themselves when what they say doesn't actually happen, or doesn't happen in the way they describe at all. Many Novell employees rebuff each other.