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Novell and Ximian One of the highlights of Joe Barr's trip to Salt lake City last month for BrainShare 2005 was the opportunity to interview Miguel de Icaza, a mercurial star of the free software movement who has been responsible for hugely successful projects and also founded his own company with Nat Friedman that was later acquired by Novell.
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RE: Well
by Richard Dale on Fri 1st Apr 2005 16:04 UTC

Everyone who can code in Java should have no problem to write C# apps, too, the two are very extremely similiar, except for the additional features of C#, but I didn't say perfect C# apps! ;)

And .NET complicated? Come on, at least on Windows, you go there and everything you need is already there, basically no fiddling with libraries, legacy APIs, or a funky-template based STL (or other class based on complicated templates) necessary. The same applies to Java.

Java is too complicated for most Java programmers. It started as a a dumbed down systems programming language, but it is getting more and more complicated. Generics and annotations are hard to understand, a lot of the apis like Swing are not designed with usability in mind.

Visual Basic was a success because it was designed with usuability as a top priority, by guys like Alan Cooper.

C# is more complicated than Java, and also a better systems programming language. The problem is that 95% of programmers aren't systems programmers. Most Visual Basic programmers would find Java too complicated let alone C#.