Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 7th Apr 2005 02:04 UTC, submitted by David Rhodus
BSD and Darwin derivatives After many months of work DragonFly is about to release version 1.2 of its BSD based operating system. The first release candidate version can be download from dfly-20050406-pre1.2.iso.gz
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a shame?
by Ulrich Hobelmann on Thu 7th Apr 2005 03:50 UTC

Well, some people do fine with non-proprietary runtimes.
If you need Java, in some cases 1.3 might be fine (what are the problems in porting 1.4; are there many runtime-additions?). For Flash: I got it turned-quasi off most of the time (Flashblock extension on Camino). Rarely do I come across a website with Flash navigation, and then it's usually not even worth it.